Artist StatementBlase Masini in his studio

Each day I strive for order in my life. Each day brings a bit of chaos. Over time I have found that too much order is boring and mundane whereas too much chaos is unsettling. I live out these truths in my art.

For many years I worked with flat geometric planes. This excess of order left me bored after a while. When I first worked with cold wax medium I created rich organic surfaces that I struggled to manage. By using stencils to mask out areas, I was able to introduce some order to the organic surfaces cold wax medium afforded me.

Now the painting process holds a constant tension between chaos and order. When shapes flatten or lines are too crisp I am bored. When line and shapes dissolve I am unsettled. I find that this mimics tension I experience in life.

Masini works at Northeastern Illinois University by day. He paints, gardens, and bakes by nights and weekends.

– Blase Masini